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No previous study has evaluated systematically the relationship between metabolic syndrome (MetS) and prostate-related symptoms and signs in young infertile men. We studied 171 (36.5 ± 8.3-years-old) males of infertile couples. MetS was defined based on the National Cholesterol Education Program Third Adult Treatment Panel. All men underwent hormonal (including total testosterone (TT) and insulin), seminal (including interleukin-8 (IL-8), seminal plasma IL-8 (sIL-8)), scrotal and transrectal ultrasound evaluations. Because we have previously assessed correlations between MetS and scrotal parameters in a larger cohort of infertile men, here, we focused on transrectal features. Prostate-related symptoms were assessed using the National Institutes of Health Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index (NIH-CPSI) and the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS). Twenty-two subjects fulfilled MetS criteria. In an age-adjusted logistic ordinal model, insulin levels increased as a function of MetS components (Wald = 29.5, P < 0.0001) and showed an inverse correlation with TT (adjusted r = -0.359, P< 0.0001). No association between MetS and NIH-CPSI or IPSS scores was observed. In an age-, TT-, insulin-adjusted logistic ordinal model, an increase in number of MetS components correlated negatively with normal sperm morphology (Wald = 5.59, P< 0.02) and positively with sIL-8 levels (Wald = 4.32, P < 0.05), which is a marker of prostate inflammation, with prostate total and transitional zone volume assessed using ultrasound (Wald = 17.6 and 12.5, both P < 0.0001), with arterial peak systolic velocity (Wald = 9.57, P = 0.002), with texture nonhomogeneity (hazard ratio (HR) = 1.87 (1.05-3.33), P < 0.05), with calcification size (Wald = 3.11, P< 0.05), but not with parameters of seminal vesicle size or function. In conclusion, in males of infertile couples, MetS is positively associated with prostate enlargement, biochemical (sIL8) and ultrasound-derived signs of prostate inflammation but not with prostate-related symptoms, which suggests that MetS is a trigger for a subclinical, early-onset form of benign prostatic hyperplasia. testosterone.

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Vastus lateralis muscle biopsies were obtained from 39 men matched for BMI < 30 kg m(-2) and separated into three groups: 13 young (Y, 24 ± 4 years); 14 middle aged (MA, 44 ± 5 years) and 12 aged (A, 58 ± 8 years) subjects. testosterone.

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During 60-day bed rest, serum osteocalcin of both groups increased at day 4 during bed rest. Serum OPG started decreasing and reached its lowest value at day 30 during bed rest. In control group, serum insulin increased at day 4 during bed rest. IGF-I did not change significantly during the entire period of bed rest. The serum glucose decline 10% and 14% in CON and RVE groups at day 4 during bed rest. Relatively, the same results as glucose were found in serum HDL and LDL for both groups. Leptin rose and became highest at day 60 during bed rest in both groups. The level of serum testosterone was declined in control group at day 4 during bed rest. Cortisol kept stable in both group during bed rest. By spearman correlation analysis, serum osteocalcin was significantly associated with serum insulin (P < 0·05), LDL (P < 0·01) and Leptin (P < 0·01). testosterone.

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Patients with MS had higher BMI, fasting plasma glucose, post-prandial plasma glucose, insulin, HOMA-IR, total cholesterol, triglycerides, hs-CRP, and CIMT, whereas TT levels were lower (p<0.0001). The prevalence and severity of erectile dysfunction were higher in patients with MS (p<0.0001). Erectile dysfunction scores correlated inversely with CIMT. MS patients with ED were older and had higher CIMT compared to those without ED. Increase in age and HOMA and decrease in TT increased the risk of ED. When KIMT exceeding the 95th percentile of healthy controls was accepted as a risk factor for CVD, presence of ED was the only determinant for this increase. testosterone.

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Gel containing tubes (both BD and Improve) gave comparable results with the tubes which do not contain gel except for estradiol and testosterone. The use of gel containing tubes for estradiol and testosterone are not recommended on UniCel® DxI 800 according to our results. The change in the analyte concentrations over 48 h remained within the TEA limits for the studied analytes. Improve tubes gave similar results to BD tubes. testosterone.

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We provide an update of bone health in trans persons on cross-sex hormonal therapy. This drastic hormonal reversal will have direct but also indirect effects on bone, through body composition changes. testosterone.

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